Integrated Farms Corp

San Marino Integrated Farms Corp(SMIF), an accredited subfarm of DV Boer International, is an extension of breeding haven of full-blood and upgraded animals. SMIF offers partnership to those who would like to raise farm animals but do not have time and farmland and become a “PAIWI” partner. It is situated in Salao, Rosario, Batangas in the southeast part of Batangas Province.


Our Mission

San Marino Integrated Farms is committed to land stewardship based on sustainable and profitable production of affordable farm products while involving and giving jobs and opportunity to the local community.

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Our Vision

To be the best, by continually developing and improving the productivity by using best management practices, aiming always for perfection and excellence in the management and operation of the farm.

Meet Our team

Pa-iwi Program

Pa-iwi duration: 35 months
Package cost: Php 160,000.00
No. Of heads: 15 heads upgraded goats

Payment Terms:

First Payment: Php 160,000.00 (upon signing of contract)


1st Payout: Php 22,500.00 (After 11 Months)
2nd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 19 Months)
3rd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 27 Months)
4th Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 35 Months)
Salvage Value: Php 75,000.00 (After 37th Month – end of the contract)



Frequently asked questions

What is Pa-Iwi?

It is a Filipino term for “paalaga” or “to be taken care of” in English.

How does pa-iwi program works?

The paiwi program works when a potential paiwi partner (the client) avails of a paiwi package worth 320,000 PHP for 30 heads of female goats (does) from San Marino Integrated Farm who will do the ALL the farming which covers housing, breeding, managing and selling the goats. If the goat dies or got stolen, they will be replaced as part of the farm’s responsibility to secure your investment and deliver your profits on time as stated in the contract.

Who can be a partner?


Can a partner avail more than one Pa-iwi package?


How is the Paiwi Program different from the traditional paiwi system or backyard livestock?

  • The Paiwi Program is contract bound.
  • The goats are insured through an in-house insurance.
  • We use proven system of modern breeding.
  • The farmers are trained continuously.
  • The local does are cross-bred with Australian Boer goats – a superior goat breed for meat.